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Opening of rare earth magnetic materials technology products and Equipment Exhibition
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August 9th, 2009,, rare earth magnetic materials technology products equipment exhibition center in China World Trade Center Exhibition Center, more than 50 domestic enterprises and scientific research institutes.

Du Zhanyuan, Vice Minister of Ministry of science and technology, Miao Wei, Vice Minister of Ministry of industry and information technology, China Iron and steel industry association secretary Liu Zhenjiang, the current chairman of the forum, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, director of the Institute of Chinese rare earth long Gan Yong, deputy director of the Research Office of the State Council Gongjiao trade research division Zhang Tai, the state of the Ministry of information industry and raw material industry secretary Chen Yanhai, deputy director Wang Caifeng, State Intellectual Property Office of coordination and management, deputy director of the division of Cao Donggen, China Academy of Engineering academician Tang Renyuan, Guocheng to attend the exhibition.

Attended the exhibition Autonomous Region Party committee, the municipal Party committee secretary Mo Jiancheng, Zhao Shuanglian vice chairman of the autonomous region, autonomous region development and Reform Commission director Liang Tiecheng, the autonomous region science and technology department director Xu Fengjun, Autonomous Region Environmental Protection Agency Director Su Qing, the autonomous region chamber of Commerce Director Lv Erxi.

City leaders Tao Yongshan, Zhang Haishun, Hao Maorong attended the exhibition.

Municipal Standing Committee, vice mayor Tao Yongshan speech at the exhibition. Tao Yongshan said that the rare earth industry as a leader in the strategic industry, in recent years, the impact of the development of other industries has become increasingly prominent, the party and state leaders attach importance to.

An important aspect of rare earth permanent magnetic materials as the application of rare earth elements, for the computer, communication, automation control, household appliances, medical equipment, aerospace and other applications in the field of product and technological change to the irreplaceable role. The financial crisis of rare earth industry the impact of large, organized the exhibition is to through the display of rare earth permanent magnetic materials research and related equipment and products, boost confidence, cohesion, open-minded, form resultant force, for the development of rare earth enterprises build communication and cooperation, financing and information services, transformation of scientific and technological achievements of the three major platforms.

It is understood, the exhibition except in rare earth products, technology, trade shows and exchanges, the magnetic materials and device industry association, property rights trading center in Inner Mongolia, commercial banks and other industry associations and financial service institutions for participants of the magnetic material industry provides a good platform for financing. In addition, Inner Mongolia North Heavy Duty Automobile Co., Ltd., Skyworth Electronics (Inner Mongolia) Co., Ltd., Baotou North Mercedes Benz passenger Manufacturing Co., Ltd., re Cicai production, application, business matching services and rare earth magnetic materials downstream customers also visited the exhibition, and the relevant aspects to discuss cooperation matters.

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