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China's pure electric vehicle development is rapid
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Pure electric vehicle is an important classification of new energy vehicles. From the situation of the global automotive industry, with the continuous improvement of power battery technology, pure electric vehicles have achieved rapid development, and gradually move towards the direction of industrialization.

Our country promotes the development of pure electric vehicle industry. At present, China's electric bicycles, electric motorcycles and other light electric vehicles to maintain the volume has more than 50000000, and light electric vehicle production and sales have exceeded 90% of the world. The development of light electric vehicles in a subtle influence on the consumer, but also led to the development of domestic power batteries, motors and other industries.

Technically speaking, in the can as a car battery lead-acid batteries, nickel hydrogen batteries, lithium ion batteries and nickel cadmium batteries and other fields, have been many domestic enterprises have core technology, and formed a series of products. At the same time, for the production of batteries and motors of raw materials, manganese, iron, vanadium, rare earth permanent magnetic materials and other resources in our country, which is also a pure electric vehicle industry has laid a foundation for the industrialization of electric vehicles. < br > although our country in the research and development of traditional car also with the world's advanced level has certain gap, but in pure electric vehicle technology R & D, but almost in the same starting line, part of the field has reached world leading level. At present, many automobile enterprises have announced the production schedule of pure electric vehicles.

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